ReportJet Shopify App

ReportJet Shopify App

ReportJet is a Shopify App for creating Invoices, Barcode Labels, Reports of customers, orders, transactions, refunds and products.

Create Invoices, Barcode Labels, Reports of customers, orders, transactions, refunds and products from your shop

Run ReportJet reports of customers, orders, transactions, refunds and products to export data from your on-line Shopify shop.

ReportJet Shopify App

It is very easy to create new or modify a report !

ReportJet Shopify App report setup

Customize report format with Excel templates

ReportJet reports are Excel 97-2003 (.XLS) template files editable by any Office software ( MS Office, LibreOffice or OpenOffice). Report templates can be downloaded for custom editing and uploaded back.

ReportJet Shopify App report templates

Automate your business by scheduling reports

Schedule reports to automate your online business. The report with selected export format runs at the set time and emailed.

ReportJet Shopify App report schedule

List of standard reports:

  • Invoices
  • Sales
  • Sales by day
  • Sales by week
  • Sales by month
  • Sales by year
  • Sales by billing country
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by product variant
  • Sales by product vendor
  • Customers
  • Customers by month
  • Product list
  • Barcode Price labels
  • Payments
  • Taxes
  • and more soon...

Support / FAQ

It is FAQ/Support section of ReportJet app.

How can I edit Excel files, change font, align or format a cell in Excel( or your Office spreadsheet editing program )... ?
We use plain Excel 97-2003 (.XLS) files as templates! In case you can not work with Excel ( or your Office spreadsheet editing program ) - we can not teach you or help you with it!
What can I do with your Excel template files ?
Everything! Beware that there are some Named Rages and templates are based on these Named Rages. Please, do not delete or alter any Named Rages ! It is possible to insert or delete any number of rows or columns - Named Rages and Formulas will be automatically adjusted. There are some hidden rows or columns used for intermediate calculations... To force a new page start ( page break ) - place page_break in the first (A) column on any row.
How can I insert a new data field?
Look up the field name from Report Setup field's list and follow the examples. Data field format example for main table: .items.ProductName ( where ProductName is a field ) Outside main table example: .groups.BillingAddress_Name ( where BillingAddress_Name is a field ) To place several report fields in a single Excel cell, enclose each field with < >. For example: <.items.Sku> of <.items.ProductName> . There is a very useful template Export.xls - it outputs ALL fields.
What Excel formulas can I use ?
All Excel formulas are supported if you export to Excel (.XLS) file. For on screen view (.HTML) or .PDF files - most commonly used subset of formulas is supported. If you see a formula cell as it is, it means that it is not supported yet - you may just export to Excel !
Can I use report fields in Excel formulas ?
Yes! For example cell: ~HYPERLINK("mailto:<.groups.shop_email>","<.groups.shop_email>") is looking like a plain cell. At report generation '~' will be replaced with '=' to make it a formula =HYPERLINK(...) ( <.groups.shop_email> and <.groups.shop_email> will be replaced with actual data )
Can I get a barcode in my Excel template ?
Yes! For example the code: .items.Barcode.GETBARCODE(EAN8, 1) will make an image with barcode of type EAN8 for field 'Barcode'. 1 - to generate barcode text under bars, 0 - barcode without text. The size of the barcode image is the same as the cell's size ( actual width can be not as wide as the cell width - it depends of code text ) If you misspell barcode type (just copy/paste) - EAN13 barcode will be used as the default type. It is possible to get the following barcode types from ANY field data:
  • 2_5_interleaved
  • 2_5_industrial
  • 2_5_matrix
  • Code39
  • Code39 Extended
  • Code128A
  • Code128B
  • Code128C
  • Code93
  • Code93 Extended
  • MSI
  • PostNet
  • Codebar
  • EAN8
  • EAN13
  • UPC_A
  • UPC_E0
  • UPC_E1
  • UPC Supp2
  • UPC Supp5
  • EAN128A
  • EAN128B
  • EAN128C
Can I insert images in my Excel template ?
Yes! For best results use JPEG or PNG images without resizing.
I have changed a template and this template do not work any longer ! What should I do ?
Don't worry ! You can restore a template to the default state: open Templates Dialog - select that template - click Restore button.